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VioLume Systems

Providing fast, safe, and reliable surface and air decontamination with the touch of a button. Reducing pathogens in your facilities to combat HAIs

VioLume designs, manufactures, installs and maintains an on-demand surface and air decontamination capability integrated with a traditional, energy-efficient lighting fixture. The system can effectively neutralize viruses, bacteria, and fungi on exposed surfaces, which are a primary cause of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).


Where to use VioLume products

The VioLume System is particularly effective in Ambulatory care settings with high patient turnover areas that are continuously exposed to airborne and surface pathogens, such as:

  • Urgent Care facilities

  • Walk-in Clinics

  • Out-patient surgery centers

  • Doctors’ offices

  • Specialty treatment facilities

  • Hospitals – exam rooms, treatment areas

High patient turnover requires frequent cleaning, which is challenging to do thoroughly between patient visits. The VioLume System can eliminate up to 99.999% of pathogens in as little as 5 minutes.

Exam rooms

Treatment areas

Procedure rooms



On-demand decontamination for patient and workforce protection - safe, effective, easy to use

If you need to eliminate as many pathogens as possible as quickly as possible, the VioLume System can neutralize up to 99.999% of HAI related bugs in as little as 5 min.
If you demand reliable and safe performance that is easy to use, the VioLume System has constant system monitoring, on-demand, one-touch activation, and triple redundant safety controls.
The VioLume System will deliver all of these features with a cost effective, high performance solution everywhere it is needed.

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Product Suite

Key Features

Modern medical-grade platform

Latest in LED lighting technology

Low-pressure Mercury UVC lamps

Wireless control and monitoring

Industry standard operating software

Redundant occupancy sensors



VioLume has integrated several proven technologies to create a product suite that is unmatched in the marketplace in both efficacy and ease of use.

UVC - ultra violet lighting

Effective decontamination

The UVC light wavelength (germicidal range: 250-280nm) has been proven over years of use and research to be an effective defense against bacteria, viruses and fungi. VioLume products are optimized to the dimensions of your space(s) for best performance.

LED lamps for energy efficiency

Cost-effective operation

The VioLume System incorporates energy-efficient lighting technology so that your facilities should experience minimal - if any - electricity cost increase from using our product suite.

Industry standard operating system and state-of-the-art network technology

How we operate

Control, monitor and analyze product performance with VioLume's industry standard system technology, designed for ease of use.


About VioLume

Driven by Success

VioLume was started by veterans of the lighting and management consulting industries who saw a serious health problem and developed a new approach to addressing it. In the US alone, more than 1 million people annually contract Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), and 75,000+ die. HAIs are contracted from viruses, bacteria, and fungi on exposed surfaces, in the air, and from direct intervention with patients.  The VioLume team designed a suite of products that is designed to make it easier and faster to decontaminate healthcare (and other) facilities.

VioLume is an early stage company based in Round Rock, Texas. The company was proud to be selected for and participate in the 2019 cohort of the MassChallenge Austin accelerator program.

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