Eliminate up to 99.999% of pathogens in as little as 5 minutes, at the touch of a button.

With a team of world-class experts in lighting and product development, Violume designs technology that refines the capabilities of UVC lighting, and connects facilities with the decontaminating properties of ultraviolet light in a product that seamlessly integrates with existing lighting systems to reduce the spread of infection.

A Problem Worth Solving

In the U.S. alone...

1 in 25

Patients acquire a Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI)

1 Million

People are affected, with 75,000+ dying every year

$30 Billion

Is spent annually treating HAIs

COVID-19 has added a new pathogen to the problem.

Leading studies have proven manual cleaning to be less than 50% effective due to labor intensivity and human error. With the introduction of COVID-19, many are realizing that incorrect sterilization of surfaces and air, especially during a pandemic, can lead to irreversible consequences. 


Existing UVC lighting systems aren’t accessible to commercial facilities because they are not safe to use or control by non-professionals, not affordable to commit to permanently, and cannot replace existing lighting systems.  


How the VioLume System Works

UVC radiation has been used as an effective means of decontamination for decades. However, various technical factors have kept UVC from where it’s needed most — decontaminating commercial facilities such as hospitals and schools. 

The Violume System was developed to eliminate every technical factor standing in the way of a commercial facility incorporating UVC lighting into every room in their establishment. Violume products are:


  • An energy-efficient light fixture that completely replaces your existing lighting solution

  • Simple to operate with a dedicated app, and an intuitive wall-mounted display•

  • Validated through 3rd party testing

  • Patent-pending for device design, optical properties, and software

  • Certifiable through CE and UL for global product acceptance


Effective Decontamination

Cost-Effective Operation

Easy to Use

When biological organisms are exposed to UV light in the wavelength range of 200 nm to 300 nm (UVC), the light is absorbed by DNA, RNA, and proteins. This absorption either ruptures the cell walls of an organism and effectively kills it, or sterilizes the organism which inhibits its ability to repicate and infect.

In addition to UVC, VioLume fixtures come with industry-standard LED lamps that can replace any commercial facilities' lighting solution. Plus, you won’t even have to change your existing wiring, which decreases installation costs.

The VioLume System is effortless. Get step-by-step instructions and easily manage your system in the VioLume app, or use the dedicated wall-mounted display that comes with each system.

Where to Use the VioLume System


The application of UVC lighting as an effective means of sanitization is nearly endless. Any commercial space with surfaces and air in need of decontamination can use this technology.
Right now, we’re primarily focused on implementing UVC where it’s needed most — medical facilities with a high patient turnover rate, such as the following:

  • Urgent Care Facilities

  • Walk-in Clinics

  • Out-patient Surgical Centers

  • Doctors' Offices

  • Specialty Treatment Facilities

  • Hospitals - Exam Rooms & Treatment Areas

Just because something has been sanitized, that doesn’t mean it’s free of pathogens. When it comes to all other forms of disinfecting, nothing can provide the same result twice. During a pandemic or flu season, inconsistencies in sanitization can be highly dangerous. VioLume removes up to 99.999% of pathogens every single cycle, so you can be sure that the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch are genuinely safe.  


Compare Decontamination Methods

There are three primary methods of surface decontamination in use today:


The VioLume System






5 Min




UVC Mobile Devices


High-end devices can cost up to $75,000-$125,000 each. They must be moved from room to room, run by trained operators, and can typically be used only 2-3 times per hour to decontaminate rooms. Most are battery operated, and need to recharge periodically.


Manual Cleaning


Leading studies have proven manual cleaning to be less than 50% effective due to labor intensivity and human error. While some level of manual cleaning will always be necessary to wipe up spills and remove disposable items from a space, the VioLume System offers a a faster, more efficient solution.


Chemical Misting Devices


Chemical Misting devices require manual movement from room to room, and take 1-2 hours per cleaning cycle. The VioLume System offers a decontamination solution with no risk of chemical residue issues.

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